Publish your work on sustainable production of crops in this special issue!

With an expanding population and unknown consequence of climate change, improving the sustainability of our cropping systems is integral to optimising yields and limiting any further negative impacts of agriculture on the environment.

This special issue in the journal Sustainability, deadline November 1st 2021, aims to publish high-quality research papers on methods to increase the sustainability of our agricultural systems, whether by alternative cropping practices (i.e. intercropping, agroforestry, vertical farming), urban systems, new improved crop varieties, innovative technologies to reduce inputs or through the development of new methods to assess the productivity and sustainability of our cropping systems. As a large proportion of the population are in developing countries with differing constraints to agricultural production (i.e. poor quality soils, low input agriculture, subsidence farming) papers are desired that cover a wide range of different environments and locations with differing amounts of resources or technology required.

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