What makes a good leader?

I have recently enrolled on a Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) Accreditation course after completing their leadership in action course a few months ago. This has got me thinking a lot about what it is to be a good leader and what are the qualities I hope to see in a leader.

It is not uncommon to have been exposed to various qualities of leaders before. But what is a leader really? Thinking back to watching cartoons as a child, a leader was always that member of the friendship group that stood out, was willing to be heard and generally led on any adventures! But when did our idea of a leader become a boss? Authority or position shouldn’t be the qualifier for leadership and very often, good leadership qualities are often seen in those without any form of power.

The accreditation programme is as much about self development as it is about helping others find their own potential; something that all training should aim to achieve! I’m looking forward to starting this journey and finding about me as a person and how I can also help others to achieve their best selves.


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