New Year New Style

We’re now 2 weeks in to 2023 and its time for a stock take and change in scenery. After catching up on all the missed emails and actions from over the Christmas break, its time to look to the year ahead. For me, this year is especially critical as I come to the end of my fellowship and back to the uncertainty that is forever present in an academic career path. Unlike many fellowship, the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship that I hold does not come with an expected tenure track position. Thus come September I am hoping on the good will of the University or another funder to enable me to continue. Last week came as a bit of a downer with the news of a failed fellowship application but I suppose that I should be used to rejection by now.

So what is for the year ahead…? 2023 has hit the ground running for me with 2 papers submitted just before Christmas that should help keep the publication numbers up. I’m in the second year of my post as Associate Features Editor for Plant Physiology, so potentially more News and Views Articles waiting to be written for me there. With the boost from my recent enrolment on an Accelerate course with the Resilient Leaders Elements, I’m hoping this is the year to put into practice my consultancy accreditation. And with the robot collecting data, the wind movement project in development and links to Adelaide and the space programme, this year could be a good one! Let’s hope it ends that way too.


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