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The interview experience

I recently attended an interview for the Rank Prize Nutrition New Lecturer Award in London. I have to admit that I have been relatively lucky so far in that I have not had to attend many interviews, but that makes the process even more nerve wracking! As one who suffers from nerves, I was surprised at how much the whole process effected me- both before and after with the wait to hear the result [I won!]!

Public speaking is one of those things that I expect to bother me greatly but then you do grow accustomed to. My first conference presentation as a PhD student was scary, but the more you do them the easier it is. Sometimes you just need to remember that this is your area of research and therefore you are the expert. However, that same kind of logic does not seem to carry over to interviews. In these the panel are expected to challenge you, to push you beyond your comfort zone and see how you cope. In my limited interview experience I have always thought that my responses have been poor and I have not expressed myself well. But what is the measure of success? and what are panel members really looking for? maybe one day I will find out!

COP-26: why we should worry about climate change

With COP-26 happening this week in Glasgow, it is a key time to think about the effect of climate change on our planet and what we can do about it. Extensive use of fossil fuels, land use change and deforestation combined with a rising population are all putting pressures on the delicate balance on Earth and we must act now to limit and reverse any damage.

Agriculture is intimately linked with the health of our environment. 50% of all habitable land on Earth is used for agriculture with 26% of greenhouse gases emitted through agricultural production. Yet risks associated with poor diets are the leading cause of death worldwide. With global populations due to excerd 9 billion by 2050, how can we provide enough food whilst also limiting and reversing the impact on the environment?

As part of my research at the University of Nottingham, some of the work I undertake has direct implications for a future under climate change. I am particularly interested in the sustainability and resilience of our agricultural systems to climate change and how we can adapt to reduce their susceptibility. This includes the selection of crop varieties that are better adapted to the environment in which they are grown or the conversion from industrial agriculture dominated by large-scale cultivation of a single crop (known as monocropping) to alternative systems incorporating multiple crops or trees such as intercropping or agroforestry.

You can read more about my research in this blog.

Present your rice research at the UKRRC early career meeting

Do you conduct research on rice in the UK?

Do you want to showcase your findings to other early career researchers?

Join us at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus on the 16th and 17th September for the second UKRRC early career researchers meeting. With plenary lectures from world-leading rice researchers including Professor Andy Jones (University of Liverpool), Dr Sigrid Heuer (Rothamstead Research), Ajay Kohli (Director for Research at the International Rice Research Institute) plus many more, this promises to be an exciting and informative mini-conference.

For more details please follow this link.

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